SMS open rate exceeds 98%,
while emails have an average open rate of 22%

SMS Marketing is a very powerful business & sales tool for any type of business that wants to reach its customers and target audiences instantly with the minimum cost.

Most of your customers have a mobile phone as there are almost 7 billion devices in the world!
In addition, more and more companies have integrated bulk SMS into their marketing mix to communicate with all their stakeholders directly, reduce marketing costs and increase ROI for the other marketing activities.

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The advantages of SMS Marketing


SMS Marketing is extremely low cost and delivers your message to your target audience's device.

Personalized and targeted

Customize the content of your texts based on your customers' needs and profiles.

High response rates

95% of text messages are read within the first 5'. Direct marketing with unprecedented ROI.

Ease of use

Sending SMS messages to your customer base is as simple as texting your friends.


Easily monitor which recipients made a website visit, call or a purchase.

Everybody likes SMS

In most SMS Marketing campaigns, less than 2% opt-out after receiving an SMS.

SMS Marketing TIPS

Whether you are a first time user or you are regularly sending bulk SMS to your customers, below you can find 6 helpful tips that can bring excellent results for your SMS campaign.

  • Brand your SMS with a sender name
  • Personalize the message of your SMS (based on your customer profiles)
  • Keep your message clear; do not use slang or difficult language
  • Include contact information and a direct call-to-action
  • Schedule your SMS wisely; nobody wants to receive an SMS at midnight
  • Write short sentences

marketing tips

Examples of how businesses can take advantage of SMS!


Let your customers know whether a transaction is processed, when the product will be delivered or just send them a mobile coupon!

Bars and restaurants

Send SMS with reservation reminders, offers, live performances and cancellations!

Real Estate

Advertise properties, price dropdowns or inform your customers about a property that matches their criteria!


Provide your clients with passwords and inform them about their recent transactions instantly!


Communicate schedule changes, seminars and absences with a simple SMS!

Travel Agencies

Send price alerts, ticket reservations and special offers to your customers!

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