Increase your sales with SMS Marketing

To start with, travel and tourism sector have a great deal of services to offer to their customers. Providing high quality of services is of fundamental importance, but marketers and business owners cannot ignore the significance of SMS marketing as well. Why? Because mobile marketing provides them with all the necessary tools, in order to build brand awareness, customer loyalty and attract more customers.

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How you can take advantage of SMS marketing

SMS marketing offers you the opportunity to send personalized and targeted information to your audience. Since your customers receive a lot of information on a daily basis, it is important that you filter this information for them, in order to distinguish your own business and services from competition.
At the same time, approaching them with right way can be absolutely beneficial for your business, since you are enable to::

  • send promotions and special offers about hotels, air tickets , car rentals, group excursions
  • inform your customers about voucher numbers & passwords
  • send reminders about booking confirmations
  • notify your customers about cancellations and payment statuses
  • provide with mobile discount coupons
  • organize SMS contests
  • send announcements or invitations about special events
  • send tips and proposals regarding entertainment & pleasure

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SMSARENA special features for Travel & Tourism

Increase your sales rapidly with SMS Marketing & SMSARENA. SMSARENA is the best low cost Bulk SMS Platform in UK. Take advantage of SMSARENA special features such as :

Real Time Statistics

Get full control of your SMS Campaigns. View which of your SMS are delivered or not delivered, find out which numbers are wrong and many more details.

Schedule your SMS Sendings

With SMSARENA you can plan ahead the excact date & time that your campaign will be sent!

Specify Sender Name

With SMSARENA you can create your own sender names. For exampe you could use your company name.

Online access

You can access our bulk SMS Service easily, from any device without installing any application.

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