Boost your sales with SMS Marketing

Real estate businesses consciously choose SMS marketing, since they acknowledge that bulk messaging contributes the most in their business. Timing, speed and availability are significant factors in the real estate industry, because providing your audience with valid information in time will undeniably gain your customers’ trust.

When doing business, being trustworthy and punctual are great assets, mostly appreciated by your customers and your collaborators as well.

bulk sms for real estate

How you can take advantage of SMS marketing

With SMS marketing you can ensure that your audience will instantly receive the information they need, in order to think further of their next move or take action. As always, keeping your customers updated within a competitive market is of the utmost importance. Thus, business owners do realize that nothing compares to the speed of an SMS, a fact which helps them to:

  • provide their audience with useful information regarding properties
  • send updates to buyers and vendors
  • send reminders about property sales special offers
  • send reminders regarding pending payments or contracts
  • notify your customers when a property is not available anymore for sale or rent
  • send notifications about properties for sale in the nearby places
  • connect your SMS API with your contact list and list of properties

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SMSARENA special features for Real Estate sector

Increase your sales rapidly with SMS Marketing. Tale advantage of our unique prices and inform your customers directly and efficiently:

Real Time Statistics

Get full control of your SMS Campaigns. View which of your SMS are delivered or not delivered, find out which numbers are wrong and many more details.

Schedule your SMS Sendings

With SMSARENA you can plan ahead the excact date & time that your campaign will be sent!

Specify Sender Name

With SMSARENA you can create your own sender names. For exampe you could use your company name.

Online access

You can access our bulk SMS Service easily, from any device without installing any application.

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