The management and protection of your personal data shall be governed by the terms of this Agreement and relevant provisions of Greek law. The personal information collected by is the following:

  • your mobile phone number
  • Personal entry code (Password)
  • PayPal ID (if a deposit is made through PayPal)
  • Statistics – SMS history
  • Mobile phones numbers of other users

The above mentioned data are not disclosed to third parties (except as provided by law to relevant authorities) and remain private. stores sent messages for your own use, but also for communication reasons as well as improvement of the services provided. Moreover, in the case of "links" to other websites, is not responsible for the management and protection of personal data they observe. In any case, you may, after contacting the relevant department and determine the existence of a personal record, request the deletion, correction or change of it. Minors may have access to only with the consent of parents / guardians.