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Responsive design

Take advantage of the responsive design of SMSARENA and send your bulk SMS from your PC, mobile or tablet. Easy web access anytime, anywhere without installing any application!

Real-time statistics

Real-time statistics

Get full control of your actions by using our real-time statistics. Detailed reports on SMS status delivery (delivered, not delivered, wrong number, message barring etc.)

Personalized SMS

Personalized SMS

Send tailored bulk SMS messages that contain targeted information for each recipient. Such information can be the name of the recipient, a code or an order number.

Long SMS

Send texts longer than 1 SMS (160 chars) and the users receive it as 1 long SMS.

SMS Templates

With SMS templates you can create and save text messages for future use.

Validity period

Set the validity period of your SMS so as to avoid delivery of SMS at inappropriate times.

Sender name

Specify the sender's name according to your needs. It may contain up to 11 characters & numbers.


Plan ahead your campaigns and relax! With SMSARENA you can schedule your bulk sendings for a future date & time.


Group your bulk SMS sendings in campaigns for better management and monitoring of complete marketing projects (eg. discount season).

Address Book

Upload and manage your contacts easily and online through our Address Book. Chose to send a simple or a personalized SMS.

Direct Cost Calculation

Check the sending cost for each of your lists and get full control of your costs before sending takes place.

Recipients Lists

Create recipient lists by uploading .xls, .txt or .csv files with contact numbers or copy and paste the numbers directly to the platform.

Black List

Some of your customers do not want to receive SMS?

Import these contacts to your Blacklist and they will automatically be excluded from your future bulk sendings!


Send your SMS anyway you like!

SMSARENA supports GSM & Unicode encoding with Auto Encoding Selection. Compose your SMS in many different languages and reach customers all over the world!


Connect your application with the most reliable and low cost bulk SMS service in the UK.

Easy to integrate HTTP API, SMPP and SMTP connections for quick and easy sendings from your applications or your website.

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