• Send SMS

  • How can I add a new sender name for my sendings?

    Go to SMS Composer and select Simple SMS or Personalized SMS. Click the sender names dropdown. Select the “Add” option. Now type your sender name and click the “Add” button. To delete a sender name, go to Account Settings (click your username) > Account settings and delete it from the Sender name table.

  • What is the validity period?

    Let’s say that you want to send an offer to your customers which is active only for today. You decided that the best time to send the SMS is at 17:00. It is important for you that the customers will receive the SMS within the day and before closing hour. You do not want any message to be delivered the next day because the offer has ended. After you send the SMS, the network tries to deliver the message for 48 hours. For example if a mobile is switched off, the system tries to deliver it within this period. With Validity period you can specify for how long the system will try to deliver the message to your customers. So, if the closing hour is at 22:30 you need to put validity period of 5 hours and all pending SMS will be marked as Undelivered after 5 hours from sending.

  • How to send a personalized SMS?

    First, you need to create a personalized list in Contacts or create the Address Book. Go to the SMS Composer and click on Personalized SMS. Select the Sender name. Next, you must select a Personalized list and the tags for personalization will be displayed. Start typing the SMS text and add the personalization tags in the content by clicking on them. When you are done, click preview to view an example of your message. Because of the mobile number which is always in the first column of your list, the first tag {tag1} represents the second column of your personalzied list and so on.

  • List Mangement

  • How do I create a simple list?
    Go to List Management and select “Create List” option. Type a list name. Select “Simple” type. You can either paste your contacts in the textbox and separate them with [Enter]. Or import numbers from your Excel file. Simply, select the type of your file and upload it. Note that the numbers must be in the first column of your Excel. Our system excludes the numbers with wrong format (e.g. less digits) automatically.
  • How do I create a Personalized list?

    Go to List Management and select “Create List” option. Type a list name. Select “Personalized” type. You need to import the list from your Excel. The numbers must be in first column of your file. The personalized information for each number must be in the other columns.

  • What is the blacklist?

    Some of your customers may not like to receive SMS from you and they might ask you to remove them from your lists. By adding a mobile number in Black List, the number will stop receiving SMS when you send to your lists. In order to add/remove contacts to your Black list, go to List Management > Black list.

  • Reporting

  • Where can I see the Reports  of my sendings?

    After sending an SMS you probably want to check how did the sending go. You can go to Reports section and find the following options: Total Reports: You can view the total SMS that you have sent for each month. For more detail, you can view the SMS sent by date. Furthermore, you can export the SMS sent by date and see the delivery report for each SMS. Reports by sending: View the details and the overall delivery reports for each sending. You are able to export from each sending the SMS and view the delivery status for each SMS. Note that the API sendings are not displayed here. Reports by campaign: If you have created SMS campaigns you can view the Overall reports of the sendings of each campaign.

  • What is the SMS part?

    One SMS contains up to 160 characters in GSM encoding. If the number of characters exceeds 160 the actual number of SMS sent increases. For example an SMS with 250 character counts as 2 SMS and is charged as 2 SMS but is delivered as one. The column SMS Parts shows the actual number of SMS sent based on the number of characters. To sum up: 0 – 160 characters equals 1 SMS Part 161 -306 characters equals 2 SMS Parts 307 -459 characters equals 3 SMS Parts

  • Why an SMS has undelivered status in my Reports?

    The undelivered status means that the SMS did not reach the specific number. Some reasons that may cause the undelivered status are: Roaming Error, Call Barred, Absent Subscriber, SMS Expired: the SMS by default tries to be delivered for 48 hours, after this time frame the SMS is marked as undelivered due to expiration. The invalid numbers are numbers which do not exist and for that reason the SMS cannot be delivered.

  • General

  • How to recover my password?

    Under the login form there is a Forgot password link. Click this link and type your mobile phone which was used for registration. Click Reset password and you will receive an SMS with a new password.

  • How much does it cost to send a message?

    The cost depends on the amount of SMS credits that you want to buy. One credit equals one SMS (up to 160 characters) to a UK mobile phone and the credits do not expire. The cost of our SMS credits bundles can be found in our Pricing page.

  • Where do I find API specifications?

    To find our API specifications, you need to sign in SMSARENA’s Control Panel and go to Account settings (click your username) and select API settings. You will find all the required information to integrate our API with your system.

  • How can businesses buy bulk SMS messages?

    Easy, just create an account in SMSARENA, log in the Control panel and buy SMS from your account with 3 simple steps. Go to Purchase screen and type in the number of SMS credits and the respective cost will be displayed. Select a Payment method. Agree with our Terms of use and Click the purchase button. Then, you are redirected to the secure payment environment to complete your purchase.