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Offering high quality of services in combination with effective publicity is of the utmost importance in all kinds of businesses. When it comes to bars and restaurants, business owners are dealing with more demanding clients, since the kind of the services they offer suggests a unique experience for each customer.

As a business owner, your goal is to invite your customers to live the experience. Attracting them to your bar or restaurant is feasible, but keeping them engaged suggests a real challenge for you!

sms marketing

How you can take advantage of SMS marketing

With SMS marketing you can successfully interact and engage with your audience. How you can achieve that? By urging your customers to visit you, so as to enjoy everything you have to offer, such as, quality of food, beautiful space and high quality of services. SMS marketing enables you to send:

  • personalized SMS regarding special offers and promotions
  • notifications about new menu proposals
  • notifications regarding menu proposals for special days (anniversaries, birthdays, celebrations)
  • reminders about reservations
  • mobile coupons
  • contests with QR codes
  • announcements or invitations about special events

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SMSARENA special features for Bars & Restaurants

Reach new customers, build Brand Awareness and customer loyalty with SMS Marketing. Take advantage of our unique bulk SMS features such as:

Real Time Statistics

Get full control of your SMS Campaigns. View which of your SMS are delivered or not delivered, find out which numbers are wrong and many more details.

Schedule your SMS Sendings

With SMSARENA you can plan ahead the excact date & time that your campaign will be sent!

Specify Sender Name

You can create specific sender names for your Bar or restaurant. For example you could use your company's name or a specific event's name like Valentine's Day!

Easy Web Access

You can access our bulk SMS Service easily, from any device without installing any application.

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